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Mixed-Use Real Estate Appraisals

Get an appraisal of your mixed-use property that will be accepted by any authority, guaranteed.

We provide certified commercial real estate appraisals that meet or exceed the reporting standards and requirements of numerous private and government organizations.

Our commercial real estate appraisals are used for:

We also perform market rent studies for lease negotiations and renewals, as well as providing a variety of consulting services including litigation support and expert witness testimony.

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Mixed-Use Property Appraisal Specialists

Mixed-use buildings are among the types of commercial property that we most frequently appraise.

The term "mixed-use" in real estate most commonly refers to smaller buildings that have a combination of residential and commercial space.

More specifically, a mixed-use property typically has a store or office on the ground floor, with residential apartments on the floor(s) above. Mixed-use also sometimes refers to a single-family residential dwelling that also contains professional office space.

To be qualified to appraise a mixed-use property, one must hold New York State certification as a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, as all of our appraisers do.

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